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Creating, running and optimizing your marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Balloonary gives you easy and intuitive control over a marketing machine that is as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be.

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How it works

Marketing is not a fire and forget endeavour. It is the living core of what defines your Business in the eyes of your customers. Good marketing evolves over time by learning about your customers every day. And that is what Balloonary is here to help you with.
Screenshot of the Balloonary app
Balloonary, how it works
Build Your Funnel
Mix and match all of our marketing channels and add-ons with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. Build the funnel you need at any time with just a few clicks.
Balloonary, how it works
Add Your Content
Balloonary focuses on content and so should you. Content is the most important part of any campaign. That's why Balloonary makes it so easy to add, edit and evalutate content.
Balloonary, how it works
Understand, Adjust, Repeat
Understand the big picture of all your marketing efforts with a single glance. Make changes quickly and learn from the results. Explore what drives your conversions.
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Balloonary is packed with features that help you showcase your product in a professional way, attract users and evaluate your results.
Balloonary, feature
Drag-and-drop Funnels
Build and edit your marketing funnels with just a few clicks. Keep an overview of all your funnels.
Balloonary, feature
Beautiful Landing Pages
Our landing page themes are hand crafted, performance tested and conversion optimized.
Balloonary, feature
Easy A/B Tests
Run multiple versions of your landing page and ad campaign and compare performance differences.
Balloonary, feature
Precisely Targeted Traffic
Easily launch and manage your Google Ads campaigns in your Balloonary Dashboard.
Balloonary, feature
Integrated Survey Builder
Ask your most important questions and learn from your customers.
Balloonary, feature
Organize Your Leads
Organize contacts based on the landing page variant they have signed up with.
Balloonary, feature
Version History
Balloonary tracks the changes that you make to your funnels, so it is easy to keep an overview.
Balloonary, feature
Bring Your Own Domain
Bring your own custom domain to build more trust with your customers.
Balloonary, feature
In-depth Reports
Export your results or view them as interactive charts in our web app.
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We want to grow with you. That's why we offer a free Starter plan and a very affordable Pro plan. Once you outgrow those, our custom Enterprise plan has you covered. Simple, transparent and fair.
Great for small ideas and experiments.
Free access to:
check 3 000 visits per month
check 1 project
check Custom funnels
check A/B tests
check Surveys
€ 14.95
/ month
For serious projects and businesses.
Starter features, plus:
check 10 000 visits per month
check 5 projects
check Google Ads module
check Bring your own domain
check No Balloonary watermark
starting at
€ 295.00
/ month
Custom packages for your company.
Pro features, plus:
check 25 000+ visits per month
check 10+ projects
check Priority support
check Optional custom themes


It is up to you how you want to use Balloonary. Check out a few of our most popular usecases below.
Balloonary, example
Validate your startup idea
Startups are usually not only a lot of work but also a big risk. Use the Balloonary reports to convince partners, investors and yourself!
Balloonary, example
Discover your best product version
Do people like your product better in blue or in green? Hard to tell with only the prototype at hand. Balloonary to the rescue!
Balloonary, example
Boost your online shop
Easily drive targeted traffic to your online shop and increase sales. Without changing your current workflows.
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Our Story

Learn more about what motivated us to build Balloonary.
The Balloonary team
Identifying a strong customer need is much harder than crafting a unique solution. Many entrepreneurs and young businesses fail because they focus on building products that are not in high demand. This can be an expensive lesson and we learned this lesson the hard way.
Read the full 'Balloonary story' on our blog...
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